This is the NEW TALENT Mecca! Read on...

We are looking for someone exactly like you for a Chicago-based talent agency because advertisers need real people, like you, for all kinds of print work. Don't change a thing (don't quit your day job) and email us some current photos (full body/close up) to Please do not call first. Emailing is much preferred.

If we think we will be able to get you work, we will email you about our next open casting. If one is not yet posted, we will let you know to check back with us in a few weeks or the site to sign up.

If you do not receive a response to your email or your image does not appear on the website after a casting, it means we will keep your email/images on file and might contact you or add you to our database in the future.

To be considered for the Planet Earth website/agency, you must:
  • Have a semi-flexible or very flexible work schedule, shoots are often last minute and during the week
  • Live in or near the Chicagoland area
  • Show up to one of our castings (posted on site every 6-8 weeks) and get shot for the site by one of our fabulous commercial photographers
  • Read our TOP 10 Rules to Success and follow them all

Planet Earth Agency
“TOP 10 Rules to Success”
  1. Always arrive 10-15 minutes early for a booked job. Please take the time before the shoot to ensure you know the location, how long it takes to park or if you will need extra time to find parking. Timeliness is KEY!
  2. Arrive on time for all castings you agree to participate in.
  3. Notify Planet Earth of any contact or appearance changes. It’s important we know how to find you and your current “look.” (hair color, WEIGHT GAIN or loss, piercings, tattoos, growth spurts, etc) It's not a problem if you have gained weight, but please be up front about it. People are often times booking you on the image from the website. If you are bigger, smaller, less hairy etc, let us know immediately or at the very least when we call to book you for something. A 32 inch waist is different than a 34 inch waist. And YES, this may affect the outcome of the booking (but it may not). Photos should be updated as needed or about every year, if no major changes have been made to your visage.
  4. Act professionally and look your best when you are at a casting call or photo shoot. You represent Planet Earth so it’s important to keep our reputation clean! (unless you are supposed to be dirty for the part!)
  5. Even though there may be down time during shoots, keep cell phone use to a MINIMUM and never make anyone wait on you for any reason.
  6. While on-set at a photo shoot, do not touch anything that’s not yours. What might seem unimportant to you could be a key component to the set or prep areas.
  7. No self promotion. If you want to send us information about your band or the pet look alike contest you are entering, please email us and let us know. Please DO NOT let the client know unless they ask you for it directly because you realize you both love AC/DC more than food and go figure your in a cover band that plays only AC/DC classics. When in doubt, keep to the job you were hired for.
  8. Never sign anything at a photo shoot unless you’ve checked in with Planet Earth. Feel free to call us, text us, or email us with any questions or concerns! We can handle any situation for you if one arises.
  9. Don't be rude. Don't consume alcohol or drugs before or during the shoot. Don't piss off your stylist or makeup artist. If you don't like your hair, pretend you do! (:
  10. Have a positive attitude and be flexible. You never know who will be on set that might lead to your next booking!